TheraTouch - "Where Healing Begins"

Serenity: Calm, peaceful, tranquil massage designed with you in mind $60 per hour
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Foot Massage: 30 minutes of foot therapy designed for tired, sore, achy feet.
$20 per 30 minutes
foot massage
Hot Stone:Warm heated stones in water are used to  apply pressure and heat to the body. Stones are coated in oil or lotion while therapist use a various types of massage strokes to relax  the muscles. The heat from the stones deeply penetrates into the muscles to release tension & knots.        $70 per hour
hot stone 
Swedish: Relaxing, soothing massage to relieve your worries, decrease stress, depression, & anxiety. $55 per hour
swedish massage to relax tension
Deep Tissue: For sore muscles that need more attention & deeper pressure due to pain, hypertension, stress. $70 per hour
deep tissue
Aromatherapy: relaxing, soothing massage with essential oils to relax your mind, body, and soul. $55 per hour
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Deepish (Swedish & Deep Tissue): A combination of Deep Tissue and Swedish massage designed to relax the your body. Deep Tissue is performed to release knots, toxins, and relax muscles. Swedish is performed to relax the entire body as a whole.
$60 per hour

Deep Stone: Sore, tight, achy back! Try a deep stone massage. It is a massage designed to warm the muscles and relieve the knots due to over use of the muscles, stress, tension, or fatigue. It is a deep tissue massage with hot stones used to relax the muscles for deeper work.    $68 per hour
 : deep tissue and hot stone massage combined
deep tissue and hot stone massage combined